Curve Balls!

My 2nd blog post and I’m in rant mode already!  Not a great sign but does the soul good to get it off one’s chest!

My back problem didn’t get much better with the 1st lot of steroid injections so last week the consultant brought me back in for another session of shots – fingers crossed this lot work and I get my life back!    If not, he’s proposing trying a fairly new procedure called “Disc FX” – but for now I’m putting that to the back of my mind.  Sorry, I can’t seem to type a sentence without the word ‘back’ in it!


Being under par also means I haven’t been watching the state of the bank account and I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say I’ve had a few shocks and they don’t include the off my head on meds online shopping excursions either.

My banger is rightly f-ed and good for nothing more than scrap.  My local mechanic omitted to warn me that she would fail her NCT and fail miserable and proceeded to charge me 600 yo yos to fix her up.  That just seems WRONG!

Jesus just typing this makes me want to pour a stiff one!

Fear of Missing Out

Being in pain and off your game (that rhymes!) means that I haven’t been on form for doing anything and accepted being holed up at home in my stride.  That was until I watched Coldplay in Croker on Snap and Insta stories – which gave me a serious dose of FOMO.  It looked like the gig of the year and would love to have been there.  Maybe next time!

I may be too old for Longitude but that didn’t stop me enjoying the bassy sounds wafting on the breeze into my back garden this weekend.

Happy thoughts!

My recovery process involves physio sessions, exercising and walks and the other day i felt up to taking a walk and ventured to Bullock Harbour in Dalkey.  I haven’t been there in years and was blown away by the sheer beauty and lovely vibrancy of the harbour and surrounding areas.

Bullock Harbour
Bullock Harbour, Dalkey, Dublin, Ireland.

Protein Balls

Inspired by Chloe Harris – snap handle: Foodiecafe – I gave her Protein Ball recipe a try.   Ingredients: 1 cup of dates, 1/2 cup of pulsed cashew nuts, pinch of salt, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/3 cup dried cranberries, cacao power, desiccated coconut.  Pulse all ingredients apart from the coconut together and roll into balls. Refrigerate for a couple of hours and then roll in the desiccated coconut or you could also try melted chocolate – YUM!  It’s therapeutically messy non-bake.

Protein Balls
Healthy balls of energy

Onward and upwards!

"The pessimist complains about the wind
The optimist expects the change
The realist adjusts the sails"
William A Ward








The Beginning….. baby-steps!

For some time now I’ve wanted to write a blog.  I’ve always been interested in writing and loved reading my poems and short stories to my Dad, who was a sports journalist and wannabe writer.  Maybe I didn’t lick it off the stones!

I now love digital media and have a diploma in digital marketing.  However, I’m not a brand ambassador or an influencer and so feel a bit like an imposter in this world of blogging.

I’ve been out of work recently with a back problem and haven’t been fit to do anything but to indulge my love of Snapchat and Instagram.

In between hospital visits, physiotherapy and pain management sessions, combined with a cocktail of potent medication, I’ve become used to logging in everyday to an assortment of social media outlets especially Instagram and Snapchat.

I’m drawn to the younger bloggers and Snapchatters as opposed to my peers.   Am I immature or just young at heart?  I don’t know but I feel drawn to the vitality and positivity from them.

I find myself at a crossroad in life, as my children are more or less self-sufficient and my husband’s work means we rarely see each other – let alone spend any quality time together.  Frankly, we have become like ships in the night and so, I feel, it’s time to do something for me – here goes!

I want to express myself, share my experience, knowledge, tips and perhaps the occasional rant.


The people I follow have become company for me along the sometimes lonely road to recovery.  Accompanying them on their journeys has inspired me to give this a go.

A couple of years ago I was referred  Martina Galivan at The Roseville Clinic, Terenure, Dublin.  Martina is a nutritional health coach who specialises in behavioural change.

Martina helped me change my attitude towards food and eating.  She taught me to be mindful about what I put into my body.  Don’t get me wrong I love my wine, prosecco, food, chocolate and am guilty of going off the deep end occasionally – but Martina has changed my attitude to how I consume

The other person who has managed to get into my head and change how I see life is Gerard Moran – “The Weight Whisperer” who runs a programme called Body Slims. Like Martina there are no gimmicks, no products pedalled and no BS!  If you do what he tells you, you will see results and fast.  I definitely wash’t his star pupil, the memories of him shouting at me through his megaphone (not his megahorn as I’ve been referring to it all this time) on DunLaoghaire pier are etched into my memory for ever.   I did lose weight and, more importantly for me, he changed how I look at life and feel about myself. He gets into your head, heart and soul and the results can be phenomenal.

The Snapchatters/bloggers I’ve listed below are in no particular order but have all in some way or another had an effect on me.

  • claire.balding
  • Emma Lou Harris – emzfj
  • Caroline Kay117
  • pollyanna – pollyjoyce
  • Gill R – gemeroodles
  • James Patrice
  • The Skin Nerd
  • Seany88
  • GaryVee
  • Laura Cunningham – cunninghamlaura
  • Rebecca – its_r2theb
  • Foodiecafe
  • Mark Rogers Beauty – m.rbeauty
  • Rosemary McCabe
  • Jen_Hatton
  • ItsCherry Sue
  • Ourwheelybigjourney – sharonfitzmyers
  • Baz Ashmawy – bashmawy
  • James Kavanagh – jamesksnaps
  • Pippa O’Connor
  • Nicole My Boy Blue – coleyduggs
  • Louise – lou1409
  • Paul – Paulieblogger
  • The White Mouse Cafe – whitemoosecafe
  • Ellen –waxpertsellen
  • Laura Cunningham – cunninghamlaura
  • Rosie Connelly – rosieconxxx
  • Eims__m
  • Blissbakery
  • Shane Flynn – flyner64ryan
  • Pennyshun

Each of the Snapchatters I’ve mentioned share their stories, good and bad and sometimes harrowing.  Some make me laugh out loud and some make me.  Some are chasing their dreams and some are going through tough times and just need to talk.

I find it amazing how most of the Snapchatters interact, chat, answer my questions.


My loves are music, food, wine, fashion, beauty, travel, books, art, interior design, and health and fitness. I’m not a bad cook and have got into baking which I find therapeutic – as long as I steer clear of the end product!  I am however, not a model or a clothes horse and am desperately trying to master the art of makeup application and understand the intricacies of skin care!

I really enjoy looking at what the people I follow are wearing, doing, places they go to and generally being a nosy cow.  I enjoy reading their blogs, watching their Snaps and Instagram posts.  I feel it’s the 21st century way of being part of a community and has definitely kept me company throughout the last few lonely months.

I do strive to eat healthily although I have my weaknesses – crisps,  can’t have them in the house!  Prosecco and wine –  I love them more than they love me – enough said!

… and yes I know how important it is to move, work out, be fit and eat well.  Listening to Shane Flynn, (Shane Flynn Motivation ) talk about the science behind fitness and diet is fascinating and informative,  Watching Niamh Cullen and Seany88 working out has given me a newfound interest and impetus to do something (yes Baz, I hear you!)


My back is taking longer to heal than expected and the frustration is real!  However, when I’m ready I plan to embark on a fitness plan and get back to where I was with Ger Moran and BodySlims in terms of fitness, agility and strength.

I plan to blog weekly and will chat and rant about my week from my perspective however, I’m not planning on writing about the usual subjects some of my peers write about such as – menopause or midlife crisis – well not yet anyway!  And I won’t be writing about what is considered suitable attire for 40+ women because frankly I think you should wear whatever the fuck you want to!

I hope you enjoy my blog.

xxxx Ceci-Me


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